Big Punch Studios are comic creators and game designers with a passion for blockbuster storytelling on an indie level. Featuring the work of Nich Angell, Lucy Brown, Jon Lock and Alice White, Big Punch Studios includes the worlds of comic sensations 7STRING, Afterlife Inc. and Big Punch Magazine, and Sandwich Masters, our first card game.


Big Punch Magazine, or BPM, is our studio's flagship product. Big Punch Studios stands for engaging, dynamic and colourful storytelling for all ages, specialising in the stories we love to read. With two of the Big Punch Team already being seasoned comic book creators, BPM was conceived as a way for us to tell the stories we had waiting in the wings in a quarterly, episodic fashion. Afterlife Inc. and 7STRING were just the beginning. Welcome to the Big Punch Multiverse...

BPM takes you right to the heart of Big Punch, meeting awesome characters, discovering strange new universes, and hurtling through some amazing action! BPM brings you epic sci-fi and fantasy, comedy and excitement, and brand new comics you won't see anywhere else, all from the creative masterminds at Big Punch Towers.

Although akin to the likes of Shonen Jump and 2000AD, BPM is not an anthology comic. With characters and stories that return each issue from the same dedicated creative team, BPM is like the best TV channel you can imagine, with all your favourite animes, thrillers and sci-fi/fantasy shows continuing right where they left off whenever you tune in!

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? For only £5 a quarter (plus postage) you could dive straight into the worlds of Big Punch Magazine! Discover a multiverse of epic, interlinked sagas that you don't need to buy multiple books to keep up with. It's all in one place. Why not check out our latest issue to learn more or read one of our new stories for free! Start your adventure today and subscribe.

BPM brings you "top publisher" quality comics, powered by indie passion and drive, in a magazine practically bursting at the seams with adventure.