About us

Big Punch Studios are Nich Angell, Lucy Lock, Jon Lock and Alice Angell: four friends, creators and players-of-games with a passion for dynamic, inspiring storytelling and a life less ordinary. Their collective skills cover writing, editing, illustration, film-making, game design, podcasting and all the unique powers and abilities required to deliver earth-shattering entertainment on a regular basis.

They're the team responsible for Afterlife Inc., 7STRING, Extraversal and Cat & Meringue; and Sandwich Masters, a game of strategy, sabotage and (you guessed it) sandwiches. They've also provided work for such diverse clients as Titan and the BBC, and have been known to rock a pretty good Kickstarter campaign (or two)... They hope you enjoy visiting their worlds as much as they enjoy making them. Welcome to the Big Punch Multiverse.