7STRING Volume 1

7STRING Volume 1


When an incredible 7-stringed guitar-sword falls into his life, Zach’s world is torn apart by the ambitions of an evil dictator and the threat of war…

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7STRING is an explosive graphic novel adventure set in a universe where music is everything. A once tranquil planet of 4 peaceful Clefs is threatened by the ambitions of a dictator seeking to rule at any cost. This is the story of 4 young people, complete strangers to one another, who find their destinies intertwined, and their strength and emotions tested, by an epic adventure across an amazing fantasy world on the brink of a musical war.

7STRING Volume 1 follows Zachary Briarpatch, clef-less musical prodigy and wielder of the mysterious 7STRING guitar sword; Liph Staveway, citizen of the utopian Brace Clef city of FourFour and creator of the awesome Synthstorm Keyboard Blade; Efex Petal, conflicted lute-weilding assassin and puppet of the devious Altern Clef; and Nette ‘Clari’ Carousel, an innocent raised by the monks of the Tremor Clef, as their epic journey begins and their beloved world descends into chaos.

Darick Robertson, Transmetropolitan and The Boys

'Nich Angell is making great science fiction comics.'
Brandon Graham, King City and Multiple Warheads

Paperback, 110 pages, full colour