A quest to unite 99 magical swords. A ship at play in the space between worlds. A mysterious walled city. A vast alien being in a broken century. A cat and a meringue. Welcome to the worlds of Big Punch Studios.


Extraversal Issue 11

Issue 11 lands with a bang as the action heats up across the Extraverse! The hunter becomes the hunted in the pages of CUCKOOS, as the crew of the Reflektor turn the tide on their tormentors, pursuing a mysterious Storm Crow ship across myriad worlds. Paragon Four and Anna delve deeper into the origins of the Paragons as an otherworldly battle rocks the planet in ORB. Elsie and Tyler continue their far-fetched bar tales in 99 SWORDS. And CAT AND MERINGUE'S journey reaches even greater heights of absurdity.

From the creators of 7STRING and Afterlife Inc. comes Extraversal, a quarterly magazine serialising four ongoing series from the Big Punch Multiverse.

The Reflektor, an extraversal trade ship, sails between universes in CUCKOOS. A giant stone warship appears above an alternate New York in ORB. Spurred on by the promise of ultimate power, Elsie Blackwood ventures out in search of the 99 SWORDS. Cyanne and her skilled team of catchers protect the mysterious city of Prizm in THE WALL. And a journey into the time stream spells more adventure for CAT AND MERINGUE.

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