A quest to unite 99 magical swords. A ship at play in the space between worlds. A mysterious walled city. A vast alien being in a broken century. A cat and a meringue. Welcome to the worlds of Big Punch Studios.

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Extraversal Issue 14

The forces of Afterlife Inc. and 7STRING join the fray as the Storm Crows gain a vital beachhead in the Void. This isn't the first time that Jack and Zach have faced off against an invasion from beyond, but with the Murder and the Parliament in the crosshairs, there's little time for reminiscing...

With Anna and the Orb's attention locked on the breach through which the Storm Crows entered their world, unlikely allies rise in the form of the Paragons. Meanwhile, stranded in a Garden-infested world, the crew of the downed Reflektor desperately attempt to repair their ship with help from Cyanne and her team of mech-wielding Catchers.

Adrift in time, Elsie Blackwood bears witness to a future gone wrong, with only the mysterious entity known as White Ghost at her side. Trapped aboard the Ocean of Noise, Niin and Amaranth struggle to protect their fallen comrade Vatch, as the Charm grows ever closer.

From the creators of 7STRING and Afterlife Inc. comes Extraversal, a quarterly magazine serialising four ongoing series from the Big Punch Multiverse.

The Reflektor, an extraversal trade ship, sails between universes in CUCKOOS. A giant stone warship appears above an alternate New York in ORB. Spurred on by the promise of ultimate power, Elsie Blackwood ventures out in search of the 99 SWORDS. Cyanne and her skilled team of catchers protect the mysterious city of Prizm in THE WALL. And a journey into the time stream spells more adventure for CAT AND MERINGUE.

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