Sandwich Masters

Sandwich Masters


Battle for sandwich supremacy in this fast-paced card game for 2-4 players. Now includes both the Order Up! and Attack Pack expansion packs.

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In a world where the sandwich is king, a pitched battle rages across the food hall. Who shall emerge victorious? Who shall be named the one true Sandwich Master?

Sandwich Masters is a fast-paced card game of strategy, sabotage and sandwiches for 2-4 players. Players race to build sandwiches, complete orders and earn the most noshdosh.

In the battle for sandwich supremacy, however, standards are easily forgotten – and while a hungry customer won't notice the difference between good and bad ingredients (is that sliced beef or a live cow?) the dreaded health inspector will! Throw in attack condiments, vegetarian rats and the occasional poop floor, and it's a recipe for disaster!

This updated and improved version of Sandwich Masters features 200 cards, instructions… and a box that looks like a sandwich! Includes the Attack Pack and Order Up! expansions.