Sandwich Masters

Sandwich Masters


Battle for supremacy in this fast-paced card game for two to four players. Who shall be named the one true Sandwich Master?

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In a world where the sandwich is king, a pitched battle rages across the throngs of the food hall. As chefs fight for the favour of the fickle lunch crowd, jealousy, betrayal and sabotage run rampant. Who shall emerge victorious? Who shall fall into obscurity? Who shall be named the one true Sandwich Master?

Sandwich Masters is a fast-paced, colourful card game with a slightly twisted sense of humour for two to four players. Players race to build sandwiches and complete orders using the correct ingredient cards. The winner is the first player to earn 50 noshbucks.

But in the battle to earn the most money, standards are easily forgotten. You see, each good ingredient has an evil counterpart. Hungry customers won’t notice the difference (is that bacon or facon, sliced beef or a live cow?) but if someone plays a Health Inspector card, you’re in trouble. Throw in Attack Condiments (broken glass, a sneeze), Vegetarian Rats and the occasional Poop Flood and it’s a recipe for disaster!

CONTENTS: 180 cards, 3 decks (Orders, Ingredients and Noshbucks), instructions… and a box that looks like a sandwich!